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“I just wish we had made the move to FINAO sooner! And the support is second to none.”

– Dr. John Reichle, President of Open MRI of Scottsboro

“The FINAO Image Sharing Gateway has proven to be the next giant leap in digital imaging for us. We no longer have to rely on a CD or DVD to send patients’ imaging studies to their Huntsville doctors. I have to say the FINAO Image Sharing Gateway is a win, win, win!”

– Don McClendon, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Marshall Medical Center South

“The PACS system offers convenient 24-hour access to high-resolution imaging studies from any computer expediting our patient care process.”

– Dr. Jason Banks of the Spine and Neuro Center

“FINAO is a great tool to enhance patient care. The greatest advantage that FINAO adds to my practice is the immediate access to review images remotely. As an orthopedic surgeon it is important for me to review my patient’s actual images as I prepare a surgical or non-surgical treatment plan. FINAO allows me to review these studies from my office, my home, or anywhere that I have mobile service. Further, it adds a higher level of care for those orthopedic patients that present to the ALH ED as it allows me the access to review X-ray images as I discuss them with the ED physician rather than relying on someone else’s interpretation. This ultimately results in more expedient and accurate care and allows us to prepare for a safer and more timely surgery.”

– Dr. Patrick Boyett, Orthopedic Surgeon

“The FINAO System along with their support has been seamless. It is the closest I have seen to a community wide PACS and has enhanced Patient care in the community.”

– Dr. Marshall Schreeder of Clearview Cancer Institute

“We have been looking for a solution that meets our workflow needs and has a proven track record for some time now. The FINAO Solution allows our group to expand coverage, use the latest technology, have better referring physician communication, and most importantly, provide better patient care.”

– Dr. Trey Rosenthal, President, Radiology Associates of Birmingham

“ALH provides excellent imaging with exceptional service. This, along with the FINAO expertise in providing the reading environment, means I can focus strictly on patient care and reading studies. FINAO connections to the referring doctors allows any issues, or no issues found with the study, to be immediately known. Again this improves the speed of patient care.”

– Dr. Paul Fry, ROH Radiologist

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