Comprehensive solutions to radiology based environments

A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. We look at each customer's needs individually, from those who have a single modality, to multi-site hospitals. All FINAO Solutions are available in hosted, local, and hybrid environments.

Bringing strong partnerships to work for you

FINAO has partnered with several “best of breed” vendors and has successfully deployed working solutions for numerous medical facilities.

Serving Radiology environments and doing it well.

FINAO has over 60 years combined experience in marketing, selling, developing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining information management solutions and more than 20 years of healthcare industry experience.


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FINAO EQUIP (Enterprise Quality Utilization Intelligence Plan) improves the efficiency of operation for Radiology practices through a comprehensive set of performance metrics.


Diagnostic ReadingDiagnostic Reading

FINAO provides the capability for diagnostic reading in multiple locations allows increased turn-around-time for superb patient care.


Recent News

“FINAO Solution’s expertise in assessing the current system, and implementing the customized FINAO HL7 engine to integrate with PowerScribe 360, took Huntsville Hospital from transcription based to voice recognition in 1 day, with no downtime. This state of the art system upgrade allows us to increase turn around time for radiological studies, which means quicker response time for our patients.”Rhonda Atchley, RT, Director of Imaging Services at Huntsville Hospital