Solutions for Hospitals

Get your patients' results faster.

We help you provide a higher quality of patient care and service through our customizable, managed services. Our custom-tailored solutions easily integrate with most EMRs, which enables you to have a quicker TAT with your patients. 

Key Benefits

With a combined 70+ years of extensive radiology experience, our team understands the solutions that hospitals need to be even more efficient.

Quicker TAT

When you use our custom-tailored information management solutions, we can get your patients’ results to you faster.

Improve Quality of Patient Care

By receiving the results for your patient faster with our solutions, you will in turn be able to provide a higher quality of care for your patients.

All-In-One Solution

At FINAO, we implement our systems, provide project management, and offer 24/7 support. We take care of all your needs, plus provide you with additional solutions that you didn’t even know you needed.



Easy integration with most emrs

We have experience integrating our custom solutions with the following EMRs:

  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • Meditech
  • CPSI
  • Athena
  • AllScripts
  • HMS
  • NextGen
  • GreenWay
  • Merge

FINAO Image gateway

Our Image Gateway solution provides image sharing between a network of FINAO-connected hospitals and imaging centers with just a click of a button. This functionality improves the ability to retrieve comparison studies and the quality of patient care while eliminating the need for burning CDs.

FINAO HL7 server

FINAO uses detailed HL7 expertise to provide a fully-functioning engine that allows all HL7 data orders and reports to flow through our server for secure distribution. 


This real-time functionality allows you to receive specified orders via HL7 and provide patient demographics to the modality. 

FINAO report portal

This portal can format reports, alert referring physicians, and search for keywords or phrases within a report. You can quickly locate a report by using the multiple search fields.

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