Critical Test Results Management

Powerscribe 360 Critical Results is a hosted CTRM solution for hospital diagnostic departments. As the only end-to-end healthcare enterprise solution for communicating critical test results for radiology departments to ordering clinicians, Powerscribe 360 Critical Results helps ensure quick and auditable communication of patients' urgent test results, allowing for reliable caregiver communication workflow, as well as expedited critical patient care.

In the radiology setting, Powerscribe 360 Critical Results offers reporting clinicians one-call-does-it-all simplicity that meets Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals and American College of Radiology (ACR) critical results reporting guidelines. It reduces radiologist interruptions with timely communication of critical test results. Radiologists leave each day knowing their time-critical diagnostic reports have been signed and delivered within minutes of dictation, all from within Powerscribe 360.

Powerscribe 360 Critical Results provides the methodology and supporting technology to develop, implement and continuously improve the communication of patient findings within a hospital and across multiple hospitals and departments.

Powerscribe 360 Critical Results is a tested and proven industry-leading CTRM solution recognized by the Joint Commission and now in use at more than 300 hospitals nationwide.