HUNTSVILLE, AL—MAY 1th, 2011— FINAO Solutions (FINAO) announces the LAWRENCE MEDICAL CENTER has selected FINAO to provide a PACS solution. FINAO’s solution is a combination of the AMICAS PACS, FINAO PACS administration, and FINAO developed enhancement utilities.

The FINAO solution enables Lawrence Medical to:

  • Use a sophisticated web and instant messenger type technology that enables physicians to securely access images and patient information when they want, wherever they want – thus eliminating frustration and wasted time spent tracking down information.
  • Use personalized workflow management making it possible to create a vast number of custom workflows for everyone involved.
  • Access to images, priors and all relevant patient information are available within powerful Web-based interface that provide the physician with the right tools for their review – no matter where they are located – with a common user interface.
  • Track & distribute patient exams in real-time, thus giving all constituents visibility into where their patients are in the imaging workflow.
  • VIEWING Capabilities that include:
    • Web-based accessibility
    • Study and user level hanging protocols
    • Standard image review and manipulation tools (window/level, zoom, pan, magnify, stacking, etc.)
    • A variety of measurement and annotation tools
    • Automatic display of scout lines
    • Identification of key images
    • The ability to automatically or manually link series
    • 3-D Cursor, MIP, MPR, Color Volume Rendering, Presets, and 3D image capture
    • Compare previous studies

FINAO provides additional services & tools that:

  • Provide 24 x 7 support & management of the PACS.
  • Maintain fluid flow of imaging studies through imaging workflow.
  • Provide access and training to all physicians.
  • Allows for future enhancements of information distribution via FINAO HL7 messaging.
  • Scan patient paperwork or history directly into the study

FINAO Solutions is a services and software company that develops, supports, and manages solutions for customers in the healthcare and corporate markets. FINAO Solutions has aided practices and companies in moving from paper-based processes to complete electronic solutions. FINAO maintains a high-level expertise in EMR, PACS, and HL7. FINAO Solutions has partnered with leading software companies to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers.

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