FINAO Solutions Expands Image Sharing/Exchange Gateway

HUNTSVILLE, AL – January 13, 2014

FINAO’s Image Gateway is a network of currently more than thirty imaging centers and hospitals, across North Alabama, who are connected to FINAO to provide image sharing between facilities. With a simple click of a button, facilities can transfer specified studies to the desired facility. This functionality greatly improves the ability to retrieve comparison studies, eliminate burning CD’s, and improve overall patient care.

“The FINAO Image Sharing Gateway has proven to be the next giant leap in digital imaging for us. We no longer have to rely on a CD or DVD to send patients’ imaging studies to their Huntsville doctors. With just a few mouse clicks the study is in Huntsville before the patient leaves our parking lot. Also, when the need arises, previous Huntsville studies are available to Marshall’s radiologists for comparison to current studies just as easily. Just a few mouse clicks and we can view the current and previous study side-by-side. It’s much easier for the patients, much faster for their doctors and less expense for the hospitals. I have to say the FINAO Image Sharing Gateway is a win, win, win!”
– Don McClendon, Director of Diagnostic Imaging, Marshall Medical Center South, Boaz, Alabama

FINAO provided the Image Sharing Gateway to multiple locations several years ago and its deployment has continued to grow. This gateway is a reliable, secure path for the immediate exchange of radiological studies, reducing the need for re-imaging, and as a result, patients receive less radiation exposure. This method of transferring studies has also lessened the expense of unnecessary transports and improved the ability for physicians to diagnose.

Patient care has become less expensive, less risky, and much more comprehensive with FINAO Image Sharing/Exchange Gateway.

FINAO is a Value-Added Reseller for many best of breed products in the radiology industry. These products combined with FINAO’s unparalleled expertise in radiology workflow and technology, ensure true, useable solutions. FINAO services include technical expertise with 24/7 support.

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