Diagnostic Reading

PACS Viewer

FINAO provides a solution for PACS/Diagnostic Reading using InteleRad. InteleRad is a proven solution for radiologists across the globe. InteleRad has been recognized by KLAS as the number one ambulatory PACS vendor for five consecutive years. Radiologists can perform diagnostic readings through a distributed environment. Radiological studies can be performed at one site, and the images viewed securely offsite. The capability for diagnostic reading in multiple locations allows increased turn-around-time for superb patient care.

•For Microsoft Windows O/S
•Unlimited user access
•SSL-encryption (excluding DICOM communications)
•Automated installation and upgrades
•Images-on-demand via JPEG 2000 (wavelet) streaming
•User-configurable image compression settings
•Support for DICOM services and local image caching
•Roaming user profiles
•Multi-monitor support
•Thumbnail display of Studies and series.
•Automated, advanced layout management (hanging protocols)
•Annotations (text, arrows, reference lines)
•Measurement tools (linear, ROI, VOI, angle and Cobb-angles)
•Key Images
•Spine labeling and cross-reference display in different slice orientations
•DICOM Printing
•CD Burning and CD importing
•Report Viewer
•Multi-Planar-Reconstruction (MPR), orthogonal, oblique and double-oblique cut planes
•Maximum Intensity Projections (MIP) and Minimum Intensity Projections (MinIP)
•3D volume renderings
•User Defined Hanging Protocols
•PET/CT Fusion

Breast Imaging

The Viewer Breast Imaging module is an intuitive mammography image viewing system, providing access to the tools required for reading mammography images.